Incubator Application Terms & Conditions

TWG Incubator Application Terms and Conditions

Your Application

By submitting your application (“Application”) to The Wall Group, LLC (“TWG”) you confirm and acknowledge the following:


1. You are over 18.


2. You have a portfolio of work and some work experience.


3. You are located in the US and are based in New York, Los Angeles or outside of these cities with the ability to travel to one of these cities where the programme requires your physical attendance. It is anticipated that the majority of the TWG Incubator programme will be conducted virtually and that your physical attendance will be required for a limited number of events only. In the event that you are unable to travel into either New York or Los Angeles due to Covid-19 restrictions, alternative arrangements will be made which may include virtual attendance.


4. The facts contained in your Application, portfolio of work and any other documentation you submit as part of the Application (together “Application Materials”) are true and complete to the best of your knowledge.  You understand that any false information or significant omissions may disqualify you from the application process.


5. The Application Materials are your own original work and to the extent that they include the work of any third-parties, you have all necessary consents, permissions and releases to use such work. To the best of your knowledge the Application Materials do not: (a) violate any right of privacy or publicity of any person, whether contractual, statutory, common law or otherwise and/or (b) infringe any intellectual property rights of any third party.


6. You agree to immediately notify TWG if you are convicted of any crime while your Application is pending or during any period of your mentorship on the TWG Incubator programme, if accepted.


7. On acceptance of a TWG Incubator programme offer, you authorise the investigation of all statements contained in your Application (and accompanying Application Materials or cv/resume, if any) and further authorise any person, school, current employer (except as expressly noted), past employers(s), whether or not named in your Application (and accompanying Application Materials or accompanying cv/resume, if any), to provide TWG with records, information and opinion that may be useful in making a decision to offer you a place on the TWG Incubator programme.  You release all such informants and TWG from all liability for any decision, claim or damage that may result from furnishing and/or relying on such information and opinion (which is truthful or made in good faith) to you.


8. If your Application is successful and you accept a place on the TWG Incubator programme, you acknowledge that you may be asked to enter into a mentorship agreement with TWG  and any such mentorship agreement must be in writing.  You understand and acknowledge that any such written mentorship agreement would contain the precise terms of your mentorship with TWG and would constitute the entire agreement between you and TWG regarding the terms of the mentorship. Any such written agreement would supersede any other oral or written agreement, promises, assurances, understandings or statements made to you during any interview or discussions about the TWG Incubator with TWG.


9. Before submitting your Application, you agree to TWG doing the following:

(i) transferring your Application to the TWG team (including recruitment personnel) in the US where the TWG Incubator programme is being offered and sharing information about your Application with a limited number of personnel elsewhere in the TWG group of affiliates (which may be outside of your home country) in order to progress your Application. A list of these entities is available on request;

(ii) retaining your Application for a reasonable period if you are unsuccessful in order to contact you (including by email) about future programmes or vacancies within the TWG group of affiliates or about other information relating to The TWG group of affiliates which may be of interest to you;

(iii) using and processing your personal data (including any data you choose to provide about your racial/ethnic origin, political opinions, religious beliefs, trades union membership, health, sexual life or criminal offences or criminal proceedings), for the purposes outlined in the Privacy Statement.


By submitting your Application, you agree that you have been provided with full Terms of Use for the Site, the Privacy Statement and Cookie policy and have read, understood, accept and agreed to be bound by these Terms of Use and the processing of your Personal Data in accordance with this Privacy Statement.