Mona Leanne

Mona Leanne is a London-based makeup artist. From a young age, Mona was fascinated at how creative and experimental makeup could be. After completing her studies at Central St. Martins, she began assisting artistic legends Pat McGrath, Lucia Pieroni and Dick Page. Since then, Mona has gone on to work with top photographers such as Derek Ridgers, Thurstan Redding, Camille Summers Valli and Till Janz on publications including Re-Edition, Man About Town, Dazed, Hot Hot Hot, Pleasure Gardens, Office, Buffalo Zine and Revue. In addition to her editorial work, Mona has collaborated with designers and brands such as Kenzo, Dolce & Gabbana, Henry Holland, Charles Jeffrey, Fashion East, Nike, and Osman. A true artist at heart, Mona is known to push boundaries with her unique vision and style.


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