Azi Sacks

Azi Sacks is a New York-based eyebrow stylist. Called the “Brow Architect” by her loyal clients, she develops a long-term strategy for brow shape, health, and color tailored to each face.

Each brow is an iconic one as she shapes and colors the eyebrow in imperceptible ways which alter and enhance the entire face. Her unique tweezing technique is precise and artful, and her expertise with color and brow health is unparalleled. With a waiting list of over a few thousand people, Sacks' lucky clients enjoy their time with her as therapy, fun, and art. 

Sacks has been invited to the White House for the Biden granddaughter’s wedding, and she has been written about in publications such as Town & Country Magazine, NY Magazine, Airmail, Harper's Bazaar, Allure, Instyle, Goop, and many more.


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